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French Drain Service Pittsburgh PA

When a house has moisture issues within the basement, the homeowners may think that the source remains there as well. However, more often than not, the problem stems from improper yard drainage that keeps your foundation slab damp every day.

Over time, that will cause your concrete to weaken, which could lead to a total collapse of the whole building. Among the most efficient ways of keeping water flowing through your yard remains a French drain installed by experienced contractors.

At PGH Basement Waterproofing, we assist more Pittsburgh PA households with improved drainage systems that keep their home safe daily. A French drain has gotten used for decades and still promotes better water flow than many other alternatives available now.

You need our skilled local basement services contractors to guarantee your best results, and longer-lasting lawn drains that won’t quit. Avoid common mistakes with Do It Yourself projects and avoid paying higher costs by choosing us for your drains now.

Pittsburgh PA French Drain Installation

Although it may sound European, the French drain got made popular by a prominent Massachusetts agriculturist named Henry Flagg French. Today, the original designs get improved even further with the use of PVC piping, strategic drainage holes, and vapor barriers.

We dig a trench with enough slope that it allows gravity to handle most of the work clearing away water. You also receive a durable PVC line that guides moisture away, as well as enable it to disperse from tiny holes.

The entire system rests on gravel, which helps keep water from clumping together, allowing it to drain away even faster.  And the stones remain away from clogging the plastic piping through thick covers that get laid on top for efficiency.

No matter how severe the weather may become, you can rest easy knowing your home stays safe and dry daily. Prevent more problems related to pooling water and moisture levels by choosing us for your new French drain system today.

French Drain Contractors Pittsburgh PA

While it may not seem like installing French drains looks that tricky, it takes skill to get it made right. Otherwise, you only see water pool, freeze, and your lines choke on gravel, causing more damage.

If you can’t risk a destroyed concrete slab, then you need our team on your side. Choose us at PGH Basement Waterproofing for your new French drain system.

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